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Pet of the Week

We love sharing pictures and stories about our patients! We have a wonderful community and this is where we like to show them off. Check this page for our latest pet of the week!

Dis iz Peggy! I'm a new Pug pupper that came in to see Dr. Scott for my first vet visit. I didn't cry for my vaccine, wiggled during my toenail trim, and really enjoyed eating treats during my appointment!


This is Penelope, she is a Wheaton Terrier.

Willa, the Danish Swedish Farm Dog (rare)

Hello! My name is Ezra.

Hello! My name is Draco. I am a 10-week old Pomsky puppy...so that means I'm half husky and half Pomeranian! How cool!! I was in at Crago this week for my first puppy visit! I made so many new friends and I LOVE the cookies the girls feed me in the back. At home, I have the typical puppy energy. I'm constantly playing and looking for new adventures...some that may be a little mischievous haha! I can't wait to come back into Crago in a few weeks and show everybody how big I've gotten! Until next time, Byee :)

"Herro! I'm Sunni! I'm new to my family! It comes with a dog sister that looks just like me! Well we both have spots but they aren't exactly the same! We both like a bunch of the same things but my favorites are my orange crab and noisy goldfish! I also really enjoy trying to steal my big sister's toys. I don't know if she likes that but I sure do. My first trip to Crago was an adventure! Everyone was so nice and excited to see me. They even took my picture. It must have been a good one. Hope they got my good spot!"

"Herro! My name is Munchkin! I'm new here! My mom had a lot to say about me when we came to visit everyone at Crago! Probably because I have so many interesting things about me! I love to cuddle! I'm pretty much attached to my mom's hip. I just love her! I love to chew on things and mom says I get hiccups a lot. I don't know why but people think it's cute. Especially my mom. She loves me so much. The nice people at Crago ooh'd and awe'd at me while I was there. I think they love me too! Well, I think it's time to go play! See ya! Ruff!"

Pet of the Week - 3/25/2018

"Herro! I'm Henry! I visited my friend Dr. Scott this week at Crago. Mom says he saved my life! He's a pretty cool guy! I'm pretty cool too! Maybe that's why we get along so well. I'm pretty sure I'm a little celebrity. I do a lot of fun things with my family. My mom takes me on lots of trips. She said I'm a good traveler! I love to go camping and have even gone to Disney! I also really love any toys that make noise. I can make a toy out of anything. Like a water bottle. If it makes noise its a good toy. Another fun fact about me is that my wife and I had four pups and they all live with us! We are one big happy family! And in case my picture didn't give it away I like to get dressed up for holidays! I'm Well, until next time!"

Pet of the Week - 2/28/2018

"Herro there! I'm Boomer! I'm new to my family! I just got adopted and now I have my very own family. There's so many new things to learn! Apparently, I have to learn how to walk on a rope. I think they call it a leash. I'm not sure but I've seen the big dogs doing it so it must be fun! My dad says I'm learning it pretty well but I get distracted easily. But hey, I'm just a puppy. I'll figure it out. My dad is really patient with me so I'm sure he'll teach me everything I need to know. It was fun coming in to Crago and visiting with all of the doctors and techs. I think they thought my name was 'Cute' or something. They just kept saying that to me. But my name is Boomer. Oh well. They can call me cute if they want to."

Pet of the Week - 2/17/2018

"Hello all! It's me, Tom! I first came to Crago back in August of last year after finding my furever home. I was living as a stray outside when my new mom brought me inside! Since then I have gained weight and am loving the new life I have! I'm a very happy, snuggly boy! I was always friendly! Even when I first was brought inside I loved attention! These days you can find me playing with ping pong balls in the bathtub. Mom says that's one of my favorite things to do! The staff at Crago were all very happy to see me and see that I'm doing well! But it's time to go home now. Ping Pong Tub time! Bye!"

Pet of the Week - 2/10/2018

"Oh Hi there. I'm Zoey! I came in this week to visit my friends at Crago! I was kind of nervous but we had fun! We even did a little photo shoot so I could be pet of the week. Well a little about myself. I'm very friendly and I love to get love! When I meet people I cry and cry until they say hello to me! Mom says I can be very nosey. Which makes sense, I guess, because of my adorable nose. I also really love outside! Oh and speaking of things I love, I really love my blanket. Mom says I pull it around all the time. But for now I've got to go! Time for a car ride!"

Pet of the Week - 2/3/2018

"Hey! I'm Samson! I came in to Crago this week to visit my friends! I'm a miracle pup! I had a rough start at the beginning of my life. But my family and friends worked really hard and they saved me. Now I am a healthy, happy boy! I love a lot of things. I really love to sleep. Mom and Dad said that I snore when I sleep but I never hear it. I also really love to cuddle but that doesn't stop me from climbing into my crate and snuggling up there too. Actually, I can sleep lots of places. I also like to sleep under my parents' clothes that hang. Its kind of like a cool fort! But when I'm not sleeping I really love to play. I especially love to play with my santa toy. He squeaks and makes crinkle noises! He's my favorite! I also enjoy the occasional channel surf. Overall, I'm a big lover! I really love attention! My family and friends give me so much love and attention! I'm one lucky boy!"

Pet of the Week - 1/3/2018

"Hiya! My name is Nestor Niels Bohr. My name has lots of meanings behind it. I don't really know them all but hey I'm just a puppy. What do you expect. All I know is that she thought long and hard about what she would name me. My name holds lots of meaning to her. Just like I mean a lot to her. We have lots of fun! I really love to play and pester my older doggy sister. She's really patient with me because she doesn't seem to get annoyed when I jump all over her. I love her! If I'm not playing you can probably find me doing one of two things. One thing you may see me doing is sleeping on my back with my legs in the air. The other thing you may find me doing is trying to figure out the stairs. I see someone go up the stairs and I figure what goes up must come down so I run to the bottom and try to find them. But they are never there. Mom says I still don't understand how stairs work but I'll figure it out one day."

Pet of the Week - 12/27/2018

"Why, hello there. My name is Lilly! I came into Crago for a visit today and to see everyone here. As I'm sure you can see, I'm quite the wise and regal lady. But don't let my age fool you. My mom said I am a ball of fire! I still like to play and watch over everything! My visit to Crago went very well and the techs said I was a wonderful kitty. But if you'll excuse I believe there's a nice place to curl up calling my name."

Pet of the Week - 12/20/2018

"Herro! I'm Bernice! I'm a Bernese Mountain Dog/ Poodle mix! Bet you can't figure out how I got my name! I'm new here! I may look like quite a calm and relaxed pup but no no no. I love to play and romp around with my human Grandma's dog. I don't know about the other dog but I love it! I also really love my red fox toy! It's my favorite of all toys! I guess I should mention that I really love hanging out with my dad. He's pretty awesome! He calls me a couch potato too but I just love being with my dad. We watch TV together! He said I love to just sit on the couch and stare at the TV. Hey, I get plenty of exercise so I'm allowed my puppy naps on the couch. Well, I gotta go! Bye! Everyone have a safe and happy weekend!"

Pet of the Week - 12/10/2018

"Greetings! I'm Herschel! I'm a betta fish. While I didn't actually go to Crago for a check up my mom, who works there, took in a picture of me so the doctors could see my eye. They are suspecting that I possibly have a cataract. Luckily, it doesn't bother me at all! I just spend my days swimming, resting, or sneaking around my aquarium. It's kind of a fun game! I can't see out of my right eye so when I turn to the right I remember there's a whole other side of the tank to explore. I have a few other tank mates too but I'd don't really mind them. Being housed with snails has it advantages. I get to swim all over and they stick to the sides and bottom. Literally! Well, I think I heard talk of feeding time so I have to go! And remember, just keep swimming!"

Pet of the Week - 11/30/2018

"Herro! My name is Maggie! I came in to visit everyone at Crago this week and show off my reindeer sweater! I thought it was cute and so did everyone else! My antlers were a big hit. I'm relatively new in my family but I already know I love them. I have a big sister named Bella! I really like her. I like to sleep on her and chew on her bones. Really, I'll eat anything but especially bones. Well, I have to go! Christmas is 25 days away and I have to get ready. I need to practice my surprised face in case I get a new bone. Be safe everyone!"

Pet of the Week - 11/24/2018

Hiya! I'm Lincoln! I'm new here! I was rescued back in October and have been with my new family for a little while now! It's been a really great time! I love my new family, our house, my toys, and my bed. I love a lot of things. Mom says I take all of my toys into bed with me at night. Hope my mom and dad don't mind. I just don't want to be away from them. The one time I am okay with being away from my toys is when we go on a walk! I really love walks! My visit to Crago this week was pretty cool! Everyone wanted to meet me and a bunch of people told me I was really cute! They even made me the background on one of their computers. Guess that way they won't miss me too much. Until next time!

Pet of the Week - 11/09/2018

Hiya! I'm Vivi! I'm a pretty little thing! My family says I snore really loudly for how little I am. I never notice! They also say that my tongue sticks out all the time but I've never seen it. Could be because of my smooshed face but everyone always tells me how cute I am. I'm pretty new around here! So my family was telling the techs all about me! They say I like to crawl all over you and when you think I'm ready to play I fall asleep on your face. Despite that I'm very active! I like to be tickled on my sides. My parents say I actually giggle! My favorite things to play with are the toys my mom makes! She makes me rope toys out of blanket material! I just love them! I also have a teething ring! I really like that too! I had a good time here at Crago this week! But now I must go play! Bye!

Pet of the Week - 10/29/2018

Oh, Hi! Sorry, I didn't hear you over my purring. My name is Tilly! I came in for a check up today at Crago! I had quite an interesting start in my new family. I was adopted for $5 from a garage sale 10 years ago. My mom said I was the best treasure they could ever have! Currently, I live with two other kitty siblings and a goldendoodle! We all get along really well! My favorite human though is my dad! When he's not home I always sleep in his chair and wait for him. He's the person I talk to the most. That's one of my most adorable traits I'm told. I talk, and purr, and meow. I'm adorable! Well, that's all for now. Bye!

Pet of the Week - 10/29/2018

Herro! My name is Louie! I'm new here at Crago! I came in this week for a check up and got to meet all of the technicians. Each one of them couldn't stop talking about how cute I am. I never really thought about it but I guess I'm pretty cute. That's what everyone says anyway. Well enough about my looks. Lets move onto the important things. TOYS! My favorite toy is my human sister. She loves to play with me which is good because I love to play with her! We have tons of fun together. But when she's not around I love to play with Q-Tips. My mom had to move the Q-Tip container because I would constantly steal them. Sorry not sorry though. They are super fun! I know I'm a little crazy. I'm most crazy right after I eat! All of my kitten energy is restored. My mom and the techs would agree that I'm the sweetest kitten. I love to play and I love to love. See ya next time

Pet of the Week - 10/29/2018

Hiya! I'm Roxy! I'm an Irish Wolfhound and Great Dane mix. My dad calls me an Irish Wolf Dane! My family adopted me from the Black Hills in South Dakota. Here's a little bit about me! You can call me Roxy Jo! That's one of my nicknames! I really enjoying playing in the yard and chasing bugs! My Dad says it's one of my favorite things to do! I also really enjoy lounging outside and watching the neighbor cat stroll around. But when I'm inside I really like to steal my human brother's toys. I mean, we're about the same height so it's fine, right? I really enjoyed getting to see everyone at Crago this week! They all told me how pretty I am but I have a secret. I already know because everyone tells me that all the time. But I take the compliment because it's always nice to hear. Well, until next time! Bye!

Pet of the Week - 10/25/2018

Herro! My name is Abu! I'm new here! I'm new to the world actually! I'm only 6 weeks old. But don't let me young age fool you because I'm very fiesty especially when I play. Speaking of playing I love to play with kitty mom, my kitty uncle Oliver, my dog sister Molly, and my human mom too! My kitty mom was rescued as a stray when she was pregnant. My human mom decided to keep us and let us stay together! We love our 'furever' home! My human mom and kitty mom are teaching me so much too! I already have the playing thing down pat. I'm still learning how to use the litterbox and how to act during car rides. Mostly, I just cry during car rides but I just want to play! My human mom said I'm a super floof which I think is human for fluffy and cute. Well, I think I hear a jingle ball so it's time to play! Bye!

Pet of the Week - 10/25/2018

"Herro! I'm Bugs! I came in for a check up and to see everyone at Crago this week. I'm relatively new here! My Mom has had me for almost a month now. I was a stray from outside. But now I live with my new Mom and Dad and kitty brothers and sister. We have lots of fun at my house! If I'm not snoozing on my Dad's slippers then you can probably find me strolling through the house with a hair band. They are my favorite toy! My other favorite thing to do it purr. During my visit to Crago I purred throughout my entire exam. And it's a loud purr too. Technicians working at other tables said they could hear it, too! Well as you can see I'm pretty darn cute. I have whiskers for days and what the techs call the cutest chocolate nosey! Okay, well bye!"

Pet of the Week - 10/18/2018

Hello there! My name is Greta! I came in to visit everyone at Crago this week! As you can see, I'm wearing my bumble bee costume. Aren't I the cutest little bee you ever did see? I think everyone at Crago thought so! Ask any one of them and they'll tell you how adorable and sweet I am. Fun fact about me is that I am a pure bred Jack Russell Terrier but I was rescued from the Humane Society! Many people think that you can only find mixes from rescues but I'm here to tell you we come in all shapes and sizes. If you're interested in adopting but know a certain breed would fit your family best always check a rescue first because you never know what you may find or who may find you!

Pet of the Week - 9/20/2018

Herro! I'm Mia! I'm new here! I'm my Mama's first puppy! I came in to Crago for my first check up. There were so many people saying hi to me! It's like they all knew I was coming! Well, I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm part Australian Shepherd but we don't know what else. It's a mystery. I really like toys! My favorite toys are my tire rope toy and my squeaky beaver! Since I'm new to my family I just found out that we have a yard for me to check out and play! And yesterday was my first car ride! I guess I did it right. I also have a 16 year old cat sibling. I really like to play but I don't think the kitty does. I'll keep trying and let you know. My Mama says I'm pretty mellow but I have a spunky side.

Pet of the Week - 8/31/2018

Mew! Hey! I'm Edgar! I came in to visit everyone at Crago last week. I'm new here but I'm fitting right in. This place has lots of treats and I love treats! It really made me feel more comfortable here. I have a kitty brother named Stanley and I love him! I just want to play with him all the time. I love to jump on and off of the couch. It's good exercise and it's fun! I have a lot of energy! My mom is a preschool teacher and she brings me home balls from the ball pit. But only the yellow ones. Those are my favorite! Oh and I'm a tri-pod. I was found with only three legs. You'd never know though. It doesn't slow me down one bit. Well, until next time! Bye!

Pet of the Week - 8/31/2018

Hello! My name is Grayson! I know I know. I am quite the handsome cat! I'm a pretty regal boy, too. You can find me on walks with my humans along the golf course we live next to. There is much space to watch and observe! My mom calls me 'dog cat' because I am very happy to follow along as we go for neighborhood walks. Mom says it almost like I was taught heel! When I'm not on the golf course I like to keep an eye on my sister Evi. I protect her and keep her company. At night though I snuggled up under the bed with my other sister Holly. Mom says I nearly trip her on the way up the stairs. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite scratching post. I keep it in the kitchen. It's the perfect place to scratch away and also keep an eye on the humans. Well, until next time! See ya!

Pet of the Week - 8/24/2018

Oh Hi! I'm Pixie! I came in to visit everyone at Crago this week for a check up! You may have noticed by my earrings that I'm something of a princess! If you ask my mom I am a true princess! And I'm not just a pretty face either, I'm in school for obedience. You could say I'm building my resume. Aside from educating myself I really like to go on walks with my mom, dressing up in my outfits, and playing with my squeaky bone. At only one year old I'm pretty impressive! Welp time to go on another walk with my mom! Bye!

Pet of the Week - 8/14/2018

Herro! I'm Chloe! I was recently rescued from New Lease on Life! I've lived in my new home for about 5 weeks now! I really like my new house! It comes with a comfy bed for me to take my naps in, tons of bones to chew on, and a dog sister that I love to play with and bug! It seems like just the place I want to be! Today was my first visit at Crago and I had a great time! I got my picture taken, had lots of cookies, and all of the techs' attention. It was a fun visit! Until next time!

Pet of the Week - 8/14/2018

Hi there! I go by many names. To most here at Crago I am Stray Tom or Tom for short. I was rescued by my new mom about 2 weeks ago! I was a stray in the neighborhood for years and years. Kind neighbors had been feeding me and keeping me going. A few neighbors noticed I needed some medical attention and told my mom about it. When she heard I needed help she was so quick to come rescue me and take me to Crago's. I had been living there for the past two weeks while I was getting treated. It's been nice here with all of the techs and doctors constantly talking to me and telling me how handsome I am. Any chance they had they would open my door and pet me and let me rub all over them while I talked and talked. I always have a lot to say. And you can even see through my facial expressions that I have a lot of emotions. I'm so happy that the kind people out there fed me long enough for my Mom to find me and save me. I'm a very happy and affectionate boy. Now that I've healed up I'm going home to my Mom's house! She has some other kitty siblings for me and I can't wait to meet them! Everyone at Crago says I'm going to be so spoiled in my new home. I already feel so spoiled because I have friends at Crago and a new family at my new furever home!

Pet of the Week - 8/8/2018

Herro! My name is Ella! I was here to get a check up this week! While I was here everyone just ooh'd and awe'd over me! They said I was so adorable and little! I had a feeling though because my dad, who is a photographer, has already done a mini photo session with me! I'm very photogenic! But when I'm not sitting still and being adorable you may find me nibbling at your ankles and feet! I like to grab my humans when they walk by! I also really like my green dragon toy and giving kisses! My Mom says when I was younger I used to make chipmunk noises when you would hold me up. I really love to snuggle! But I really don't like being left alone. I am much more of a social butterfly than a lone wolf! Until next time!

Pet of the Week - 8/2/2018

Hiya! I'm Oliver! I was rescued by family not too long ago! I've been loving my new home and all the toys and people that came with it! My favorite toy is my tennis ball! I could chase that ball all day! When I'm not chasing tennis balls you can find me jumping around or giving kisses and nibbles! I should also mention one very adorable quality about myself! (As if I'm not cute enough!) I have an under-bite. All of the technicians at Crago said it was the cutest one they'd every seen! Gotta go, I think I see a tennis ball!

Pet of the Week - 7/25/2018

Oink Oink! My name is Boots! You may wonder why I started with Oink. Well, it's because my parents call me Piggy Cat because of the two spots on my nose. They say it looks like I have a piggy nose! I came to Crago for a check up today and everyone loved me! Here's a bit about me! First, my most favorite toy is my toilet lid cover. My mom had one and threw it on the floor one day and its been my favorite toy ever since. I love to grab it with my front legs and kick it with my back legs. I also like to hide under it and snick my head out! Other than that I also really like my tiger tail toy because it crinkles when you play with it! When I'm not playing I'm like to snooze with my mom! They really love me! They even take me to Florida with them for the Winter! I get to fly on the plane and everything! I'm an overall sweet and funny cat! Until next time!

Pet of the Week - 7/21/2018

Arf! I'm Tux! I'm new here! I came in today to see all of my friends at Crago. I especially wanted to see my Grandma who works here! Everyone was so nice and told me how sweet and cute I was all day! Enough about them though let me tell you a little about me! First and most importantly my favorite toy is my cow! I really like my cow but I have other toys I really like too so that could change at any time. I also really like snuggling into my Daddy's beard and tubby time when my Mommy gives me a bath! I get lots of baths. Sometimes, when no one is looking I go potty behind the couch. It's more private really! But I'm getting the hang of this puppy thing and learning new things all the time! Until next time! Bye all!

Pet of the Week - 7/6/2018

Hi all! I'm Tilly! I'm quite the wild child! My parents have only had me for about a week and they can already see how much energy I have! I can't stop running around! I"m a happy pup if you couldn't tell. When I'm not running around I stay still just long enough to play with my elephant toy! It is my most favorite toy! And when I'm not chewing on that I chew on my mom. Oops. There is a rare occasion when I'm not getting into mischief that I like to snooze under the bench on our porch. My parents say it's my favorite place for a puppy nap! Speaking of, I think it may be about that time. It's been a big day of visiting everyone at the clinic and playing! Woof!

Pet of the Week - 6/22/2018

Hi, my name is Stella! I'm new here but I didn't even get a chance to touch the floor once the technicians saw me in the lobby. Every one of them fawned over me and ooh'd and awe'd. I'm about 8 weeks old! I'm pretty new to the world! Luckily, I have a 2 year old brother, Moe, who has been showing me the ways of being a Bassett. Well, he's learning to love me! One of the first things you'll notice about me is my amazing ears! Sometimes, I step on them but I'm doing better and better everyday at trying not to. They say we Bassetts have the long ears so we can stir up the smells on the ground and use our sniffers to track things. I'm working on that too. It was a fun adventure today! Can't wait to see everyone at Crago again!

Pet of the Week - 6/15/2018

Hi! I'm Maddie! I may look like a little pup but I can assure you I am a mature lady! My mom says I'm in charge of the house and I prance around like I own the place. I mean...I do, right? My family always takes care of me, feeding me, plays with me, tells me how sweet I am, and protecting me. I may be a boss lady but my nickname is "Nervous Nelly". I'm really afraid of fireworks so I'm grateful to have a family who understands.

My recent visit to Crago was pretty nice! The doctors and technicians all told me how amazing and cute I am. They called me a forever pupper mainly because of my puppy like face. I guess that's a good thing! It was a good visit to the doctors but I'm happy to head home with my family! Bye!

Pet of the Week - 6/8/2018

Why Hello there! My name is Floyd! I'm a bulldog in case you didn't know. I visited Crago Clinic this week and everyone went wild! I'm a pretty big deal! Check out my wrinkles and folds! I also have quite the dashing smiling as you can see. When I'm not smiling you can find me playing with my big lab brother or chasing my human sister! I'm pretty vocal but when I'm not I'm probably asleep in the recliner with my dad. Mom has a few pictures she took of us snuggled up together! After a good nap you can also find me raiding my mom's garden. She told the technicians I love to pick the red tomatoes but not the green ones. I also love to eat crackers, rye toast, watermelon, and lettuce. I like a good variety. It's important to have a balanced diet. That's what the humans say anyways. Alright, until next time, you can find me porch sitting with my family!

Pet of the Week - 6/1/2018

Hi! My name is Reno! I'm pet of the week for this week at Crago Vet Clinic. I have been staying at Crago Clinic this past week and everyone has grown to love and adore me! While I've been here I have gotten to walk around the clinic many times to visit the doctors, techs, assistants, and receptionists! When we would go on outside walks I would bound through the grass and take in the warm sun! Finally, I get to go home! I got kisses and hugs from every tech as I left. It was nice being at Crago but I'm excited to go home! I can't wait to play with my best friends Rocky and Blue! Playing with them is my favorite thing to do! Until next time everyone! See ya!

Pet of the Week - 5/22/2018

Herro! My name is Tabby and this is my birth mom, Abby! Our Mama brought us in to see the techs and doctors for our yearly check up! We're a fun couple of pups! Abby/Mom loves to play with her green fuzzy toy. She ripped all of the stuffing out of it but she still loves it! She's a really good guard to our Mama, too! No matter where we go she investigates everything to make sure it's safe for us. She's had a couple of litters as well! I'm from her first litter and she had one after me too. I'm a little more reserved than my Mom. I prefer to snuggle and cuddle with our Mama. I also love to sit at the bottom of our tree and stare at this one squirrel. He sits up in that tree and stares at me and I wait for him to come down. I've never caught him yet but maybe one day. I remain hopeful! But one thing we both share in common is that we love walks! And we really enjoy getting to go to work with our Mama everyday!

Pet of the Week - 5/17/2018

Herrro! I'm Naomi! I'm about 4 months old and I'm pretty amazing! My family brought me home recently and I am getting all kinds of spoiled! My Mom and Dad give me so much love and attention I'm never bored! And anytime I have a free moment you can find me chewing on one of my favorite squeaker toys. I was recently in to see the doctor at Crago and everyone couldn't get enough of me! I got passed from tech to tech being told how cute and sweet I am! It must be very obvious!

Pet of the Week - 5/7/2018

Meet Zoe! She is a nine week old Dachshund puppy that came in to see Dr. Lydic for a new puppy exam this week. Some of Zoe's hobbies include playing with her favorite stuffed octopus, eating coconut dog treats, and sleeping with a stuffed puppy the same size as her.

Pet of the Week - 4/23/2018

Meet Marshall, a fifteen week old German Shepherd puppy. He was in the clinic to see Dr. Scott for vaccines this week. At home Marshall enjoys playing with his favorite toy, a squeak turkey, and also chewing on anything he can get his mouth on.

Pet of the Week - 4/5/2018

Hi There! My name is Coco! I am one of the happiest pups you will ever meet! I've been coming to Crago for most of my life! I was rescued from a puppy mill and now I'm living the good life! I really love going to the flower nursery with my family! They people there say I am a 'smile on legs'! I also really like playing with big dogs and especially chasing squirrels! When I'm not busy doing any of that I enjoy a good dogster from Starbucks or a tasty banana! Everyone here at Crago really loves me! They tell me every time I'm here! The feeling is mutual!

Pet of the Week - 3/30/2018

Why hello there! My name is Simba! Also known as Simbalicious! I am no ordinary cat as you can tell! I came from Ernest Hemingway’s Estate in Florida. I enjoy the typical cat things like sleeping under the covers, eating salmon and shrimp...oh and riding horses. I like to lounge on their backs while they are walked! My mom says I am one cool cat! And the techs and doctors here at Crago think so too! Not only do I have a cool history and lifestyle but as you may have noticed I have extra toes, too! It’s called polydactyl! Since everyone tells me how cool I can it must be true! I’m 14 years old so I’ve had some time to master being such an awesome cat! Until next time everyone! Meow!

Pet of the Week - 3/16/2018

Hi there! I'm Ziggy! As you can see I am a very fashionable pup! I have many outfits and my wardrobe continues to expand. All of clothes are made by this very talented Russian woman. She totally gets my style! I have two siblings but they don't dress quite as sophisticated as me. Personally, I don't care for my hat but mom likes it on me. I guess it's worth wearing it because everyone gives me extra 'oohs' and 'awes'! Other than my amazing wardrobe something else you should know about me is I love to play! I could play all day everyday! I have a pretty good like here! I'm a lucky pup!

Pet of the Week - 3/15/2018

Herro! I'm Luna! I visited Crago Clinic recently because I wasn't feeling well. I met some of the nice doctors and technicians. Everyone kept saying how cute and fluffy I was but I already know how cute I am. My mom and dad tell me all the time! I have a sister named Trigger who also comes to Crago Clinic. We play all the time! She's a lab and I'm a goldendoodle so we may be pretty close in size. But we'll see! Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite bone. It's my favorite toy and I love to play with it. I think that is all for now! Time to go play with my sister!

Pet of the Week - 3/10/2018

This is Thor (left) and Talla (right), they are one year old Siberian Huskies. Thor and Talla come in all the time to see the Technicians for nail trims. Currently, they are enrolled in Dog Smarts classes, Thor is learning whistle recall and Talla is learning agility. When they are not hard at work on their studies, they enjoy going on walks and running the back yard agility course.

Pet of the Week - 3/1/2018

Hello! I'm Rocky! Today was my first visit to the vet. It was a pretty fun time! All of the technicians ooh'ed and awe'ed at me from the time I walked into the building. They said I looked like a prince which is funny because that was almost my name but my human sister picked Rocky! I think it fits me well! My family brought me home earlier this week and said I am so smart! They said I am nearly already potty trained and that it's impressive for my age. I don't know about any of that but I sure do love the cookies I get when we go outside. I also really love getting to snuggle with my parents at night! Sometimes they have me sleep in my crate but I don't really like it yet. They say I'll learn to love it since its my own space! We'll see. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about my favorite toy! It's a squeaky bone and it's a big deal to me! That's all for now! I can't wait for me next visit to Crago!

Pet of the Week - 2/24/2018

Arfff! My name is Inez! I'm new to Crago Clinic! My mom brought me in for my first puppy exam last week. I have two lab siblings that I really like. I already rule the roost! I steal their toys and their beds! Mom says that I'm very photogenic. She had so many pictures to show and everyone loved getting to know me! I must be a pretty big deal! The techs all fawned over me when I came back for my exam. They kept telling me how adorable I was! So I'm thinking it must be true! I'm pretty excited because I think I struck gold with my family! It's going to be a good life!

Pet of the Week - 2/6/2018

Hi there! My name is Lincoln! I came into Crago for my yearly exam. I was spotted wearing this year's new line of sheep influenced apparel. Today I chose to wear my hooded jacket with faux trim. Let me just tell you, I am beyond toasty in this chilly weather. I really enjoyed the beef flavored treats that my favorite techs gave me during my exam. Overall, I'd say it was a good trip to the vet!

Pet of the Week - 2/3/2018

Rawr! I'm Cisco Primo Tavi! I came into the clinic this week to get neutered and microchipped. I don't know what those things are but the humans say they're good for me. I'm no stranger to Crago Clinic either. A friend of a vet tech here found me a little while back outside of Prima Healthcare. They said that's why I got the name Primo. They brought me right here and fixed me up. Now another one of the vet techs is my mama! Everyone is so nice here and tells me how handsome I am. They say I can be sassy, too! Most of the time I get most of my sass out playing with my favorite toys or my brother who is a little less than impressed with my antics. He doesn't think it's very funny when I jump on him or jump into the refrigerator but I get a kick out of it. I'm glad I had the nice techs and doctors at Crago to take care of me. I'm ready for my next adventure!

Pet of the Week - 1/27/2018

Meet Milo, a twelve week old Golden Retriever puppy, he was in to see Dr. Lydic for vaccines this week. Milo has aspirations of being a therapy dog and will be starting puppy classes soon.

Pet of the Week - 1/22/2018

Hey there! My name Louie and I'm just about 7 weeks old! I had my first visit to the doctors office today! I met some of the nice technicians and a few of the doctors! They let me run around, play, and told me over and over again how adorable I am, but I already know that because my family tells me that all the time! My dad was telling the technicians how much I love my rope toys! I'm pretty smart, too! I even know to go to bed on command! And speaking of getting comfy my dad also says I love to make blanket forts! I just snuggle into a pile of blankets and BAM it's a fort! And whenever my dad sits on the couch you can bet I'll be snuggled into the corner of the couch! I enjoyed my first visit to the vet! The technicians said they are looking forward to seeing me next time to see how much I've grown!

Pet of the Week - 1/18/2018

This is Ginger, she is a thirteen week old Chihuahua mix. Ginger was in this week to see Dr. Lydic for an exam.

Pet of the Week - 1/7/2018

Meet Bandit, he is a ten week old Boston Terrier puppy. Bandit was in to see Dr. Scott for a new puppy exam this week.

Pet of the Week - 1/5/2018

Hey there! My brother and I recently got adopted into our furever homes! My name is Meyer, I'm on the left. My brother's name is Oscar and he is on the right. The humans giggle whenever they first hear our names, we don't know why but hopefully it's a good thing! We recently got our first checks up and things are looking good! The staff at Crago couldn't get enough of us! We are biological brothers so we've been together forever. Our new mom says that's how it's going to stay! It's a good thing too because my brother and I have a ton of fun playing together! He likes to chase his tail while I love playing with my feather toy! We're pretty smart, too! We opened our Christmas stockings all on our own! We are excited to see what the New Year has in store!

Pet of the Week - 12/22/17

Meowy Christmas everyone!!!!! My name is Felix! I recently visited Crago Clinic to see all of my tech, doctor, and receptionist friends! I dressed up in my Christmas sweater, as you can see, because I am all about getting in the Christmas spirit! I really like dressing up in my sweaters! I even have a Santa Hat! I come into Crago Clinic fairly often so I really love surprising the staff! And they look forward to seeing what I'm going to be dressed up like each time too! I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season and gets everything they were hoping for. I sure hope Santa brings me that mousey toy I've always wanted!

Pet of the Week - 12/13/17

Hey there! My name is Henry James! I'm the resident Crago Clinic cat! I was surrendered here after spending many weeks healing from a wound on my leg. Once I was fully healed, I went home but I had some trouble adjusting. My previous owners felt it was better for me to go back to Crago where I was already comfortable. Coming back to the clinic was like coming home! All of the techs and doctors were so excited to see me! You can find me either lounging on the towels, watching the hustle and bustle of the clinic through the window, or trying to sneak a snack from the food bowls in the kennels. Whenever anyone goes in or out of the kennel they give me a quick hello and a head pat. Sometimes, I try to give them a quick high five as they pass. I can be pretty sassy sometimes but maybe it's because I'm so smart! I've learned some tricks while living here too! I can sit, high five, fist bump, and I'm working on 'lay down'. I take my nightly leash walks through the clinic to get my exercise and greet the front office as well. When there is a long weekend or maintenance in the clinic one of the technicians will take me home and let me play with their pets! It's always an adventure! I get along very well with other cats and I've only met a few dogs. I guess dogs are okay. Next time you're in the clinic say hey!

Pet of the Week - 12/4/17

Meet Ophelia, she is a twelve year old Boston Terrier. "Fifi" belongs to our technician, Rachel, and she was in this week to get her teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, she had to have two teeth extracted but luckily she seems to be feeling better already.

Pet of the Week - 11/15/17

This is Lucy, a seven month old mix breed, she came in to see Dr. Tom for an exam this week. Lucy's owners found her when they were on their honeymoon in St. Lucia. She was following them around Marigot Bay, living under a taxi stand, eating scraps from the resort. They had planned to leave her at Helpaws rescue where they made a donation. However, the rescue was already fostering at least fifty dogs and by then they had already fallen in love with her. Her new owners got her vaccinated and rushed to the airport where she flew first class in a carrier under the seat. She was so well behaved, nobody knew she was there. Her owners do feel a little bad she had to move from the tropical weather of an island to Ohio so they are planning on getting her lots of sweaters.

Pet of the Week - 10/31/17

ARRGGGG!!! Most of you will know me as Tucker, but today I'm Captain Jack Sparrow! My mom and groomer worked together to help me and my brother Charlie, aka Colonel Sanders, grow our goatees just for our costumes. My brother has been practicing with his glasses for over a year! He's mastered them now and in just in time! We sit perfectly for our pictures, as you can see, because we have been very well trained. We had to stop in to see our favorite doctor, Dr. Scott, and show off our costumes. All of the techs, doctors, and receptionists loved getting to see us too!

Pet of the Week - 10/30/17

This is Gracie, a Shih Tzu/ Maltese cross, she was here to see Dr. Scott for an exam this week. Gracie Loves the dog park, some of her favorite activities include chewing on sticks and running off with shoes.

Pet of the Week - 10/23/17

Meet Cannoli, a one year old poodle cross, he came in to see Dr. Scott for an exam this week. At home, Cannoli is a cross between a couch potato and a nut case who loves to play fetch and hang out with Mom.

Pet of the Week - 10/13/17

This is Skye, she is a 14 week old Great Dane puppy. Skye was in to see Dr. Zipay for an exam this week. Some of Skye's favorite hobbies include playing with rubber toys and beating up her older sister, Remi, a seven year old Saint Bernard.

Pet of the Week - 10/5/17

Meet Kiki, she is a fourteen week Mi-Ki puppy. Kiki enjoys playing with her lobster toy and terrorizing her older sister. She was here earlier this week to see Dr. Paglia for a new puppy exam.

Pet of the Week - 9/26/17

This is Kato he is an eleven week old Domestic Shorthair kitten and was in to see Dr. Zipay for an exam this week. Kato enjoys playing with feather toys and leaping through the air to land on his mom's head.

Pet of the Week - 9/14/17

HEE-HAW HEY! My name is Willy and this is my sister Ellie! Our mom Mandy, who is a technician at Crago, adopted us just this past week! We've been settling in nicely to our new home! There's plenty of space for exploring which is one of my favorite things to do! Whenever I find something new around I take my time checking it out! Ellie, on the other hand, really likes getting cuddles. She's a bit of a love bug, you could say. When we are not spending time off on our own we love taking dirt baths! I know it sounds crazy but it's quite fun and good for us too! Our mom has all types of animals from cats, dogs,sheep, chickens and even honey bees! We all have our own space of course! :)

Pet of the Week - 9/9/17

Hi! I'm A.T.! I was found as a stray kitten with an injured tail. I've been staying with the nice people at Crago while I heal from having my tail amputated. Its taking some getting used to but I'm already pouncing around my kennel with my toys! I've heard the doctors say my "tail" looks like its healing very well! Its been so nice recovering here! All throughout the day techs, doctors, receptionists, and assistants come back and check on me to make sure I'm doing alright. They say I have the loudest purr they've heard! They also say when I first came in I was feral, whatever that is. I was super scared at first. I spat and hissed at everyone who came up to me. But after my surgery I decided these people were here to help me and they've all shown me so much love! On a normal day you can find me dunking my toy mice in my water bowl and chewing on litter. Although, I don't think the techs like when I do that. I'll be going to my forever home soon. One of the staff has a sister kitten for me who is a little older than me. We are going to play with all day every day!

Pet of the Week - 8/23/17

This is Pixie, she is a fifteen week old Yorkshire Terrier. Pixie was in to see Dr. Tom for a new puppy exam this week. At home, Pixie enjoys playing with her favorite toy, a hamburger squeaky ball that's the size of her head!

Pet of the Week - 8/17/17

Meet Oliver Queen, a 4 month old Hound/Lab/Retriever Mix, he came in to see Dr. Scott for an exam this week. Oliver came from New Lease on Life Rescue after being rescued from a hoarder, and is named after the Green Arrow. Some of his favorite activities include wrestling with his sister (Stormageddon), going for walks in Poland Woods, chilling with the family, and playing with his favorite Kong Ropeman toy. Currently, Oliver is enrolled in Dogsmartz AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Classes.

Pet of the Week - 8/3/17

This is Laci Amie, she is a thirteen week old Poodle. She came in to see Dr. Scott for puppy vaccines this week. Laci enjoys getting groomed and playing with her horse friend.

Pet of the Week - 7/28/17

This is Nebby, a ten week old Domestic Longhair kitten, she came in for a new kitten exam this week. Some of Nebby's hobbies include climbing up her mom's pant leg, messing up her mom's make up while she's trying to apply it, and doing bad things while being adorable.

Pet of the Week - 7/22/17

This is Bristol, a ten week old German Shorthair Pointer. She was in to see Dr. Bockanic for a new puppy exam this week. Bristol enjoys cuddling with her family and always carries her food and water bowl around with her everywhere she goes!

Pet of the Week - 7/15/17

Meet Mia, she is a four year old mixed breed. Mia came in to see Dr. Tom for an ear exam this week. Mia enjoys playing fetch at home, although instead of catching the ball, she mostly ends up passing the ball back when her nose gets in the way.

Pet of the Week - 6/27/17

Meet Lola, a twelve week old Goldendoodle puppy, she came in to see Dr. Scott for a new puppy exam this week. Lola enjoys swimming, meeting new friends, and dragging all her toys into the center of her playroom.

Pet of the Week - 6/18/17

This is Max, he is a fourteen year old mix. Max is one of our regular patients and often comes in to see Dr. Tom for exams. When max is not here, he enjoys walking bike trails and sleeping on the back of his couch.

Pet of the Week - 6/12/17

This is JR, he is a five-year-old Toy Fox Terrier. JR often comes into the clinic to see Dr. Tom and to get his toenails trimmed. When JR is at home, he enjoys playing tug of war with his favorite monkey toy and chewing on his mom's thumb.

Pet of the Week - 6/6/17

Meet Frankie, he is a thirteen week old Pomeranian. Frankie came in to see Dr. Lydic for a new puppy exam this week.

Pet of the Week - 5/29/17

These two sisters, Mona (left) and Gianna (right), are twelve week old standard Poodle puppies. They both came in to see Dr. Kneen for a new puppy exam this week. Mona and Gianna like to spend most of their time at home playing until they both pass out.

Pet of the Week - 5/22/17

This little puppy's name is Ralph, he is an eight week old Boston Terrier. Ralph was very excited to meet the technicians when he came in to see Dr. Lydic for a new puppy exam this week.

Pet of the Week - 5/12/17

This is Yoko, he is a seven week old kitten. Yoko came to see Dr. Lydic for a new kitten exam this week, some of his hobbies include playing with toys and sleeping in his dome bed.

Pet of the Week - 5/8/17

This is Poa, she is a seven year old Border Collie. Poa was in to see her Uncle Zipay for vaccines this week. Since retiring from her job at the golf course, some of Poa's hobbies include herding cows and playing in the creek.

Pet of the Week - 4/30/17

Meet Bailey, she is a thirteen week old Golden Retriever. Bailey was in this week to see Dr. Tom for a new puppy exam. Some of Bailey's hobbies include playing in the fireplace and chewing on squeak toys.

Pet of the Week - 4/26/17

This is Aria, she is a one year old German Shepherd. Aria comes in regularly to see Dr. Scott, and to get her nails and paw hair trimmed.

Pet of the Week - 4/17/17

This is Simba, he is a one year old Domestic Medium Hair cat. Simba came in this week to get his nails trimmed. He was being very friendly "talking" to the technicians trimming his nails.

Pet of the Week - 4/14/17

This is Rocco, a nine week old Cairn Terrier, he came in to see Dr. Scott for a new puppy exam this week. So far one of Rocco's hobbies is to chew on everything in sight!

Pet of the Week - 3/31/17

Meet Bink, she is a 15 year old African Spurred Tortoise. Bink belongs to our technician, Becky, and she spent a day just hanging out at the clinic this week. In this photo Bink was really enjoying the banana she was offered.

Pet of the Week - 3/28/17

This is Lulu, she is a 10 year old Boston Terrier. Lulu belongs to our technician, Mandy, and was in for surgery this week. Let's wish Lulu a speedy recovery so she can get back to camping, kayaking, and all the other things she loves to do.

Pet of the Week - 3/23/17

Meet Katie, she is a two year old Sharpei/ Australian Cattle Dog mix. Katie came in to see Dr. Scott for a check up this week. Some of her hobbies include chasing deer out of her yard and digging for crabs in Florida.


Pet of the Week - 3/5/17

This is Roxie, she is an eight year old Dachshund. Roxie came to see Dr. Paglia for an exam this week. She doesn't see very well anymore, but that doesn't stop her performing tricks for Cookies.


Pet of the Week - 2/24/17

This is Cooper, he is an eight week old Goldendoodle. Cooper was very excited to meet the Technicians when he was here to see Dr. Scott for a new puppy exam.


Pet of the Week - 2/13/17

Meet Jessie, he is a nine year old Maltese. Jessie was in to see Dr. Scott for an exam today and was so excited to be at the clinic, he kept escaping his exam room to visit the Technicians in the back.


Pet of the Week - 2/4/17

This is Tiger 2, he is an eleven week old Yorkshire Terrier. Tiger was in to see Dr. Paglia for a new puppy exam this week. Welcome to the clinic Tiger!


Pet of the Week - 1/27/17

Meet Pixee, she is a 16 week old Shetland Sheepdog puppy. Pixee was in this week to see Dr. Zipay for a new puppy exam.


Pet of the Week - 1/19/17

Gracie Gray, a seven week old German Shepherd puppy had her first visit this week at Crago Veterinary Clinic! She's a talkative little girl who loves attention and after getting her puppy vaccines she enjoyed the visit and treats from our technicians!


Pet of the Week - 1/1/17

This is Gracie, she is a seven month old Goldendoodle. Gracie was all dressed up for the holidays when she came to see Dr. Paglia for a new puppy exam this week.


Pet of the Week - 12/26/16

This is Kitty, he is a ten year old Domestic Shorthair. Kitty came to see Dr. Scott for vaccines this week.


Pet of the Week - 12/12/16

Meet Lucy, she is an eight week old Pit Bull cross. Lucy really loved playing in the first snow and also enjoys biting her big sister Lady's ears.


Pet of the Week - 12/2/16

This is Waldo, he is an eight week old Goldendoodle. Waldo really enjoys chasing tennis balls with his sister Ruby, unfortunately sometimes Ruby doesn't want to share them. Waldo was in this week to see Dr. Zipay for a new puppy exam.


Pet of the Week - 11/26/16

Meet Piper, she is a two year old Persian. Piper came in to see Dr. Scott for vaccines and to get her facial hair trimmed this week.


Pet of the Week - 11/5/16

This is Lucy, she is a three year old mix. Lucy came in to see Dr. Paglia for an exam this week. One of Lucy's favorite activities include playing with squeak toys.


Pet of the Week - 10/31/16

Meet Walter, he is an eight week old Golden Retriever puppy. Walter came in to see Dr. Lydic for a new puppy exam this week.


Pet of the Week - 10/24/16

This is Sparky, he is a 15 week old Chihuahua mix. Sparky came in to see Dr. Zipay for a puppy exam this week. Some of Sparky's hobbies include carrying around bones, playing with a large stuffed rabbit, and barking at other dogs much larger than himself.


Pet of the Week - 10/18/16

Meet Bella, she is a nine year old Chihuahua. Bella came in to get her nails trimmed this week. Bella was very excited to receive a treat after her nail trim for being such a well behaved patient!


Pet of the Week - 10/11/16

This is Oscar, he is a one year old Boston Terrier. Oscar came in to see Dr. Scott for vaccines this week.


Pet of the Week - 9/30/16

This is Fox, he is a fifteen week old Shiba Inu puppy. Fox was here visiting Dr. Scott for vaccines this week.


Pet of the Week - 9/23/16

Meet Dexter, he is a thirteen week old Maltese Cross. Dexter came in to see Dr. Lydic for an exam this week.


Pet of the Week - 9/7/16

This is Lily, she is a 13 year old Puggle. Lily came in for a dental recheck with Dr. Scott today. Lily was very excited to get a treat after her check up, she would stand up on her back legs and dance around until the technicians gave her one.


Pet of the Week - 9/2/16

This is Tango, he is a seven year old Shih Tzu. Tango came in for Dr. Zipay to check his teeth this week.


Pet of the Week - 8/21/16

Meet Fitz, he is a twelve week old Siamese kitten that came all the way from North Carolina to live with his new family. This week, Fitz is here to see Dr. Scott for a new kitten exam.


Pet of the Week - 8/15/16

This is Maggie, she is a three year old mix. Maggie just moved here from Chicago and came to see Dr. Paglia for an exam. Welcome to the clinic Maggie!


Pet of the Week - 8/8/16

This is Rose, she is a nine year old Toy Poodle. Rose was anxiously waiting for her dad after spending a few days at the clinic for fluids.


Pet of the Week - 8/1/16

Meet Sophie, she is a nine year old lab cross. She was in to see Dr. Scott for a routine exam. Sophie never leaves the house without her stuffed toy, she will even grab it before answering the front door when the bell rings.


Pet of the Week - 7/18/16

This is Bailey, she is an eight week old Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. Biewer Terriers also known as "Biewer Yorkshire Terrier A la Pom Pon" or "A la Pom Pon" for short) are a rare breed of dogs developed from Yorkies, but they are now considered a separate breed. Biewer Terriers were originally developed in Germany and are recognized by their unique tri-coloring that falls on specific areas of the body.


Pet of the Week - 7/15/16

This is Sadie, she's a three year old Bulldog mix. Sadie was very well behaved for her routine checkup with Dr. Scott.


Pet of the Week - 7/2/16

Meet Zima, she is a 21 week old Savannah kitten. Zima stayed at the clinic for a few days while recovering from surgery. She was very friendly and talkative to the technicians and staff that cared for her.


Pet of the Week - 6/21/16

This is Smeagol, he is a 15 week old Sphynx kitten. Smeagol came to see Dr. Lydic for a new kitten exam this week. Welcome to the clinic Smeagol!


Pet of the Week - 6/13/16

Meet Theo, he's Dr. Bancroft's two month old "Grandpig." Theo enjoys bobbing for food and plastic balls in his baby pool, and having his belly rubbed.


Pet of the Week - 6/8/16

This is Diesel, he is a 3 year old Chihuahua. Diesel came to see Dr. Lydic for a checkup on his leg.


Pet of the Week - 6/1/16

This is Roxie (Left) and Sadie (Right). These two Chihuahua/Pug mixes are sisters that came to the clinic to be spayed this week.


Pet of the Week - 5/20/16

Meet HoHo! This four month old Pitt Bull is the newest member of Dr. Lydic's family. HoHo's hobbies include sleeping, eating children's toys, and more sleeping.


Pet of the Week - 5/15/16

This is Lucie, she is a 4 year old French Bulldog. Lucie came in this week to see the technicians and to show off her new harness.


Pet of the Week - 5/8/16

Meet Jaisie Rae, she is a 12 week old Siamese cross. Jaisie really enjoyed playing with the exam room cotton balls while waiting to see Dr. Lydic for a new kitten exam.


Pet of the Week - 4/30/16

This is Doc, he is a 4 year old Cane Corso. Doc was recently adopted, so his new family brought him to see Dr. Scott for a wellness exam.


Pet of the Week - 4/25/16

Meet Mr. Pickles! He was adopted from one of the local rescues by Mike Reeping. Mr. Pickles spent the weekend with us before going to his new home.


Pet of the Week - 4/18/16

These two brothers, "Linus" (left) and "Ricky" (right), are 14 week old Turkish Vans. They both came to the clinic this week to see Dr. Scott for a new kitten exam. Welcome to the clinic Linus and Ricky!


Pet of the Week - 4/10/16

This week's "Pet of the Week" is this 5 day old Mille Fleur d'Uccle chick. It is one of 8 new additions to our technician, Mandy's family. All 8 came into the clinic this week to be introduced to the clinic staff. This little chick enjoys burrowing into the center of the group of chicks while they are basking under their heat lamp.


Pet of the Week - 4/3/16

Meet Missy, she's a 10 year old Chihuahua mix. Missy came to see Dr. Zipay for a dental cleaning this week.


Pet of the Week - 3/26/16

This is Lilly. She's celebrating the start of Spring with a new outfit and a fresh nail trim.


Pet of the Week - 3/21/16

This is Capone, he is a six year old Maltese/Poodle cross. Capone wasn't feeling well today so he came to see Dr. Tom for an exam.


Pet of the Week - 3/13/16

Meet Foster, he is a two year old Labrador cross. Foster came in for a wellness exam this week to begin his life as a service dog for his new family.


Pet of the Week - 3/7/16

This is Bowser, he is a 12 week old Poodle cross. Bowser came in to see Dr. Tom for a new puppy exam this week.


Pet of the Week - 3/1/16

These two goofballs are pets of two of our Technicians. Beckie's Staffordshire Terrier, "Z-bop" (affectionately known as "Z", left) and Cori's Boston Terrier, "Grady" (right) love to come visit all their friends at the clinic. This day they were extremely excited to show off their fashionable eye wear.


Pet of the Week - 2/21/16

Meet Johnny, he comes in to the clinic on occasion to get his paws trimmed. Apparently he likes to give his groomer a hard time but he's always so well behaved when he's here.


Pet of the Week - 2/14/16

This is Max, he is a regular here at the clinic! Max is always so well behaved for his toe nail trims, and all the Technicians are always so excited to see him.


Pet of the Week - 2/9/16

This is Dr. Zipay's pet Henri. Some people may recognize him already as he is often seen roaming the halls of the clinic. He loves to come in to visit with the staff and patients. While he's not at work, he enjoys waiting for the mail man and helping his mom clean the house. Henri was here often this week, making it only fitting he be "Pet Of The Week!"


Pet of the Week - 1/27/16

This little kitten is one of the newest patients here at Crago Clinic. He is a 22 week old Persian, and has traveled all the way from Michigan to be with his new family. Welcome to the clinic little kitten!


Pet of the Week - 1/25/16

Meet Blu! She is a 11 week old French Bulldog, Boston Terrier mix. She came to see Dr. Bancroft for her puppy shots this week.


Pet of the Week - 1/11/16

Brisket is a 10wk old Irish Wolfhound. She came in to see Dr. Tom for her first puppy visit! She enjoyed eating treats and getting lots of love from the staff. We can't wait to see her again and watch her grow!


Pet of the Week - 1/2/16

This is Rocco. He often comes in for nail trims and loves to show off his tricks!


Pet of the Week - 12/29/15

This is Ginger, she's a 4 year old Brussels Griffon. Ginger was very patient during her exam and gave the technicians kisses before leaving.


Pet of the Week - 12/19/15

Diesel came to the clinic today for a new puppy exam, he is a 6 week old Great Dane. Welcome to the clinic Diesel!


Pet of the Week - 12/13/15

This is Libby! She stopped by the clinic today for an exam, and was very excited to hang out with the technicians while eating cookies!


Pet of the Week - 12/6/15

A Harris' hawk stopped by the clinic today!


Pet of the Week - 11/28/15

Meet Crago Clinic's newest patient. She's so new, in fact, she doesn't even have a name yet! This 8 week old kitten was found a day ago outside her new family's home, and it didn't take long for them to fall completely in love with her. She has an outgoing and talkative personality, she wouldn't stop talking the whole time she was here, she wouldn't stop talking even for her picture! With such a cute personality, it didn't take long for the staff at Crago Veterinary Clinic to fall in love with her either.


Pet of the Week - 11/24/15

Say hi to Roxie! This is her second trip to the clinic in 3 days, she's here to see Dr. Scott because she just can't manage to keep a bandage on her paw. She loses them participating in her favorite hobby, chasing chipmunks with her sister "Margo". Roxie, shouldn't you be resting your paw instead of chasing chipmunks?

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.33.20 AM

Pet of the Week - 11/14/15

This is Sophie, she is going to be 1 year old next week! She enjoys playing ball, taking walks, and hanging out with her BFF "Mya" and boyfriend "Ben." She is very social and loves giving kisses! ♡

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.33.20 AM

Pet of the Week - 11/11/15

Lilly - "Feline in Charge"

It was with much sorrow the staff of Crago Clinic said our last goodbye to "Lilly", our kennel cat extraordinaire. She came to our staff as a stray 16 years ago and immediately took charge of our hearts as comedian, companion, surgical recovery cat and supervisor through the kennel room window. "Lilly" knew how to say hello to everyone and befriend clients and their beloved pets that entered "her" kennel room.

We will miss her but never forget her. Her pawprint will be on our hearts forever.

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Pet of the Week - 11/1/15

Rousey came in for her first puppy wellness visit with Dr. Paglia. She is a very active American Bulldog who enjoyed eating treats, getting hugs and pets from the staff, and passing out kisses of her own! We can't wait to watch you as you grow, Rousey!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 11.33.20 AM

Pet of the Week - 10/23/15

Check out Benny! He came to the clinic today to see Dr. Bancroft. He was wagging his tail during the entire appointment, even while receiving his vaccinations! Thanks for stopping by Benny, we love you!

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